Welcome to Bird Trading – The Blog

We are the Bird Trading Bloggers and we are addicted to the online world! With many years experience in design, marketing and advertising we just love dabbling for fun across the web.

We are also online marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation)and web design enthusiasts, and are happy to help a variety of personal bloggers or small to medium businesses that may need pointing in the right direction. Many small to medium businesses are just looking to get ahead on the internet, this may be ranking highly on the local or national Google search network, or just general help and support for any online marketing strategy. We provide support to the ‘local builder’, or the ‘national retailer’ who are looking to improve their presence online.

At Bird Trading we very much love and are mostly addicted to the online world. The design of a website, build and creation of a new online business really makes us very excited, including all of the maintenance and everyday work that goes into keeping at the top of its game. We make sure we give the very best experience online possible and make our websites easy to navigate, clean and crisp to the eye.

We are also proud to be based in the heart of Hampshire, South of England. We welcome getting in contact and discussing potential products or services, just click on our contact page for details of how to talk direct to us.